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Top Sea Shells FAQ

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What is the difference between the "Topseashells" List and "Collector's List"?

The Top Seashell List

This list shows our “TOP” seashells and it is our main attraction for all of seashell collectors. If you want the best and most beautiful shells then this is where you will find them. We upload new records of shells almost every week.

The Collector's List

We present to you a new set of shell records that fits for the different kinds of seashell collectors, beginners or confirmed all at affordable prices. If you want a taste of what Topseashells can offer you then browse through this list.

 How to buy?

First, you will need to browse or view for the items you would like to order by clicking Top Seashell List or Collector's List link in the top menu.

When you find an item that interests you, click the picture or name of the item to see its product information page, or click the "Buy Now" button beside the price of the item to add it to your shopping cart. You can also find a "Buy Now" button in the shell's product information page.

Once you click on the "Buy Now" button the shopping cart window will pop up. Here you can view the items you have selected. You can add multiple items to your shopping cart. You can also delete specific items by clicking the "Delete" button beside the item, or cancel your orders by clicking the "Cancel Order" button. If you have closed the shopping cart and want to view the items you've selected, click the "View Cart" button at the top of the page.

Once you've pressed the "Check Out" item, you will be forwarded to a fill-up form page.
Please fill-up the form completely.

After filling up the form and when you submit your order, the item will be reserved for you automatically after a few hours.

 Do you accept website link exchange?

Yes, we accept link exchange. With your authorization and request for link exchange you may e-mail us at info[ at ]topseashells.com.

 What are the terms of payment and shipping?

All prices are in US dollars and the shipment cost is not include.
All orders will be confirmed by e-mail with the cost of shells and postage included.
The parcel will be sent via registered air mail at the cost price following receipt of payment.

Seller takes no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged in transit

 How to be a member?

It's for FREE! All you have to do is to fill-up the form for your membership account. When you're a member you'll get listed at Mailing-List, will have a "Fill-Up Free" feature for Order Forms and will receive Topseashells announcements.

You may click here to register.

 What will I do if I forgot my password for my member log-in?

If you are a member, you may enter your username and we will send your password thru your e-mail. To ask for your password click on 'forgot password?' link on the left (below the login form)

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